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No Refund. Non-Transferable from registered names submitted.


Attendee Registration is now OPEN!
Classes will be added as confirmed!

* * * Attendees must register first before ordering classes! * * *



Paintball Events encourages attendees of Paintball Extravaganza International 2022 to register early. This allows for proper staffing & planning for the event and proper planning for class presentations.



EARLY REGISTRATION INCENTIVE - Register your business attendees for Paintball Extravaganza International-2022 before December 20, 2021, and be entered into a drawing for one of the following items:

  1. One free Birthday University registration. ($150 value)
  2. One free "Class Package" registration. ($100 value)
  3. Two $50 gift certificated to The Old Ox Grille or Cardinal Bar at The Hilton Washington Dulles. ($50 value per card)

Drawing will be made on December 21, 2021. Winners will be notified by email. Limited to one incentive per business. Accounts will be adjusted for the Birthday University and Cass Package incentive winners. Winners of the Gift Certificates will receive upon check-in at event. NO CASH VALUE of INCENTIVES.



The 2022 event will require each attendee to be registered separately. Each attendee when checking in at the Registration Desk, will receive his/her own registration folder, containing their Event Badge and Class Tickets they have purchased . Each attendee will be required to pick their registration folder up.

  • Every attendee must be registered individually.
    • Enter business name using same business name spelling & address.
    • Multiple atendees may register under the same business name, but must complete individual attendee registrations for each attendee.
    • Attendees must be an employee of the business.
    • Attendees must have a verifiable employment status meeting IRS standards.
  • Every attendee must pickup their own registration packet at the registration desk when checking in.
  • Every attendee must provide government issued ID at check-in.
    • Attendee registration name and ID must match.
  • Teams do not qualify as a business. Team members do quality for attendee registration.
  • Additional documentation may be required for attendance.
  • Classes must be registered under an individual's name.
  • Registrations may be paid for by business and/or individuals.
  • Spouses must register as an attendee for admittance to event activities.
  • Event badges must be displayed at all event activities.

Include correct spelling for event badges. All attendees will be required to have current event badge for entry into any event activity. Badges must be worn at all times in the exhibit areas and classrooms.


NOTE: There may be a $25 charge for any name badge replacements or spelling corrections from what was submitted for an attendee registration.

Revised - November 22, 2021

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