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We at Skirmish attend the extravaganza every year to stay in touch with the industry. While it's smart business to stay up on the new products, we feel the most important aspect is the networking. Sitting around with a beer and discussing what's working and not working with other field owners from around the country has been very helpful over the years. It only takes one good idea to make the whole show worthwhile. We will be there again this year.
        Paul Fogal, Owner of Skirmish Inc.

People often ask me why I attend the Extravaganza every year. My most common response is "Why wouldn't I?". It allows me to keep my technical and business skills up to date, study current industry trends, look at current product and network with hundreds of fellow business owners all under one roof in a setting specifically set up for that purpose. Venders are more interested in selling retail at tournaments than talking to owners.
        Jim Emmerich, Owner of Action Packed Paintball

I have been attending Paintball Extravaganza for 10 years. It is the only paintball event specifically for our industry which allows me to network, learn about products and have my staff educated and train to better serve our customers. This event continues to provide opportunities to help Pev's grow every year. If you are serious about the success of your business than this is the "must attend" event for all paintball stores and fields.
        Mike "Pev" Peverill, President & CEO, Pev's Paintball

I have brought my entire manager staff to Paintball Extravaganza for gun tech training. Social media marketing workshops are a good source for the latest trends. A great place for any new paintball business owner to learn some "Tricks of the Trade" and see some of the latest gear.
        Dave Massey, President & CEO, Hell Survivors

  • "I was able to meet fantastic people in the industry and learn so much"
  • "Have a really great time at these events"
  • "This was my first year attending the event and I'll definitely be back"
  • "Great classes all around and lots of fun"
  • "It was truly a great experience"
  • "Great information and a fun time for all"
  • "This is an awesome event"
  • "Excelente"